February 2008
Permanent Deacons are on the way!
Great News for Auckland Catholics
If you are Catholic and live in New Zealand, you may want to browse this web site!

Relatively few New Zealand Catholics know much about the Permanent Diaconate: if the truth be known, most Catholics are even in the dark about how priests, fathers, monsignors, pastors, bishops, cardinals, and the rest, all fit into the picture. Most know about the Pope and that he sits in the Chair of Peter, but there is so much more to know!

This web site could open your eyes to many things about the Catholic Church - things that normally confuse you.

Become un-confused - especially about the Permanent Diaconate. Bishop Pat Dunn has just announced that Permanent Deacons are a reality in the Auckland Diocese!

Catholic permanent deacons are an increasingly vital group of ministers as many New Zealanders living in the Waikato are learning day-by-day. The Hamilton Diocese already has twelve permanent deacons with more on the way!

More than 40 years after the restoration of the permanent diaconate questions abound. Here is a place to get some answers. A good place to start is, what is the hierarchy of the church?