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Talking to the Deaneries
As each deanery in the diocese begin their meetings at the start of the calendar year, the bishop plans to take this ideal opportunity to address his priests in an informal atmosphere where ideas and opinions can be honestly exchanged.

By the end of the first week in March, all the priests in the diocese will have had the chance to hear the details of the programme and offer their suggestions.

February to April, 2008
Launch Programme for the Permanent Diaconate in Auckland
When Bishop Patrick Dunn decided to introduce the permanent diaconate to the diocese, his first consideration was for his priests. Without their full understanding and cooperation, making this programme work would be nigh on impossible. The priests in Auckland urged Bishop Pat to take this step, now it is only right that they be kept fully informed as each development unfolds and they are encouraged as active participants.
Public Meetings
The first public meeting is on the North Shore in the middle of March with the last in the first week of April.

The Catholic faithful will hear from the bishop how and when the Church intends to bring to fruition this exciting ministry.