The candidate's wife will be regularly consulted to ascertain her questions and concerns. She will be assisted to keep clear the essential distinction between ordained and familial life and the clear independence of diaconal ministry.
By participating in her husband's formation she can more readily accept the challenges and changes that will take place, should her husband be ordained.

The wife is in no way bound to actively participate in her husbands formation nor in his diaconal duties after ordination. However, his formation presents a unique and challenging opportunity for her and she is encouraged to be involved in appropriate ways.

A deacon's wife, as in all marriages, is an equal partner in the Sacrament of Matrimony. When her husband decides to respond to a call to the diaconate, he must comply with her wishes in a spirit of mutual commitment and love.

Individuals Do Not Enter The Diaconate Alone
The Deacon's Wife and Family

The Catholic Church has determined that a married man will not be admitted to the diaconate formation programme without the consent of his wife and every effort will be made to include her wherever possible.